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Texas Youth Ballet considers our dancers to be the vibrant core to our organization. It is through the dancers that Texas Youth Ballet grows and thrives.By enthusiastically supporting each other, the organization, staff and directors, sharing posts, bringing friends to performances, meeting your financial obligation, volunteering freely and donating to your capacity, company dancers and their parents ensure the continuing success of TYB. The more solid the foundation, the higher our dancers can reach.

TYB Protocols

TYB dancers who sign the contract commit to the full year of performances and rehearsals, and to participation in fundraisers, master classes, and other company functions, including paying company fees, and selling program ads. TYB dancers are role models for students and are expected to bring their best selves in both their personal behavior and their respect and encouragement of others. TYB dancers are members of a team effort to achieve the very best performance possible. They understand how their attendance, focus and drive contributes to the success of all. TYB dancers and their parents are expected to know the etiquette of the studio, class and rehearsal, and to meticulously follow that etiquette at all times.

Code of Conduct

Always Think of the Other Dancers and their Comfort with your Presence. Don’t create drama. Don’t try to be anyone’s instructor or critic. Keep your focus on your own improvement and don’t blame others for accidents or mistakes. Don’t be exclusive with your friendship in the company, create closed groups, gossip, or bully (verbally, physically, or on social media). We have ZERO TOLERANCE for bullying.

Pay Special Attention to Your Hygiene. Make sure you are always clean, neat, following the dress code, and smelling nice. Pick up after yourself in the dressing rooms and encourage others to do the same.

Never Contradict the Choreographer or Instructor. If you have a question or are remembering choreography differently, politely ask for clarification. We want you to know what is considered appropriate in the outside world of ballet, and we will correct you now to save you a pink slip in a professional company.

Never Intentionally Delay Class or Rehearsal. If you are early - you are on time. If you are on time - you are late! Dancers should be ready and warm when rehearsal is supposed to begin, not just arriving.

TYB Dancers are Expected to Have Professional Attitudes. This includes casting decisions, performance conditions, late rehearsals, dressing room assignments, etc. Be a beacon of light for the other dancers in showing them how to behave professionally in the arts.

Having a Eole and Performing is a Privilege, Not a Right. What a dancer does with their role determines how memorable it is for your audience. Roles are awarded by skill level, dependability, work ethic in the classroom and special circumstances known only to the director and choreographer and are not topics for discussion.


Apprentice - Gold to Rose 2 levels (3rd - 6th year training) - Expected to be in all TYB performances. Expected to take the full number of ballet classes required of their level and be at all performances.

Jr. Company - Rose 2 - Navy Level (4th - 7th year training) - Expected to be in all TYB performances. Expected to take the full number of ballet classes required of their level. Optional Pilates. After pointe proficiency (one semester on pointe), may take Pas De Deux class as an optional class.

Sr. Company - Navy to White (5th - 10th year training) - Expected to be in all TYB performances. Expected to attend Pas de Deux, Pilates , and Contemporary class.


Company fees help the company fulfill its commitment to pay for the costs of our operating budget, performance expenses and to match the Grants we receive (which by law, cannot exceed 50% of the budget). As such, they are vitally important to the existence of our organization. We do our best to keep them reasonable and well below average. Tuition assistance is available for those who need it.

Company fees add on to year- round level program cost - $600 to be paid out with tuition ($50 per month). Signing the commitment to the company commits your child for a year and confirms payment for the year. Company members may seek tuition assistance. Company members do not pay performance fees (savings of $225 per year)

Fundraising - Program ads - $200 per dancer, $300 per family (equals about 3 1⁄4 page ads).

Volunteer Obligation - Parents need to sign up to serve on one of the following committees: NTxGiving Day, Popcorn Fundraiser, Tea with Marie, Gala Fundraiser, Silent Auction, Lobby Decoration.

Board members are constantly fulfilling their volunteer obligation. Those with demonstrable skills who can provide a service outside of the committees listed above may apply to fulfill their volunteer hours providing those skills to the organization (i.e. costumes, set building, backdrop painting).

Participating in Texas Youth Ballet can be a beneficial, bonding experience, providing dancers with lifelong friends, many wonderful memories, confidence, determination, and a lifelong appreciation of the art of ballet. We at TYB look forward to working with each and every dancer.