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Founding Director

Jennifer Dulin, Founding Director - Texas Youth Ballet

Jennifer Dulin
Founder/Executive/Artistic Director

Jennifer Dulin danced with Festival Ballet of Rhode Island and studied with ballet legend, the late Marcia Dale Weary. She is an alumni of CPYB, an internationally recognized ballet school. She has danced with Winthrop Corey, Mary Jago Romeril, Francesca Corkle, Alecia Good-Borosow, Tina LeBlanc, Edward Villella, Allegra Kent, and others. She has had the pleasure of working with the late Arthur Mitchell, Winthrop Corey, Lloyd Tygett, repetiteur Gwen Ashton, and director Christine Hennessey. A high school ballet program was created by Ismet Mouhedin at Mercyhurst College in Pennsylvania for Jennifer and three other talented students. She had the opportunity to study with Gennadi Vostrikov, Pat Sorrell, Alexei Yudenich, Barbara Sandanato, Ludmilla Doukodovsky, Lisa De Ribere, and performed with the many CPYB students who subsequently became professional dancers.

It was Marcia’s method which gave Jennifer the technique to enter the professional dance world, and her first chance to teach ballet, at the Barn, as the school was affectionately known. At 18, Jennifer joined a new company, Festival Ballet of Rhode Island under the direction of Winthrop Corey and Christine Hennessey. Jennifer received a scholarship to Joffrey ballet and was gaining the attention of Edith D’Addario and Mr. Joffrey, when an injury led her home, and then to a relocation to Texas where she met her musician husband. She subsequently studied with Igor Youskevitch at University of Texas.

Jennifer attends teacher workshops regularly at CPYB, and her curriculum is based on the Marcia Weary Training Method©. Her students have entered trainee programs with Kansas City Ballet and Avant Chamber Ballet. They have been accepted into competitive summer intensive programs at professional ballet schools like San Francisco Ballet, American Ballet Theatre NYC, and others.