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The Conservatory

First Steps Level Program

Creative Movement - 3 yrs. old | 1 class per week
Pink - 4 yrs. old | 1 - 2 classes per week
Yellow - 5 yrs. old | 2 classes plus tap per week

The First Steps program introduces children to the world of ballet through age- appropriate activities designed to develop coordination, motor-skills, and an understanding of purposeful activity. Our youngest students learn to follow directions and focus. Ballet terminology and classical music are utilized in all of our classes.

Performance Opportunities: All students have a chance to perform at the end of the Spring Semester. Pre-ballet students are welcome to participate in small roles in YBT company productions with permission of the choreographer, or in pre-show performance with their teacher. Performance fees apply.

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Second Steps Level Program

Green - 6 yrs and up | 1 - 2 classes per week
Silver - 6 yrs. and up | 2 classes per week
Gold - 7 yrs. and up | 2 - 3 classes per week
Marcia Accelerated One | 3 classes per week

Our level program is unique in the area for it’s depth of training in the primary stages. It begins by teaching students an intensely focused way to approach proper ballet movement, supported and corrected by the instructor. As the students learn how to use their muscles in a new way, repetition and correction create a strong technical foundation as the students build success on early success, leading to continued interest and achievement. Levels are open to ages from 5 (with permission) to 18. Advancement is through skill acquisition. Students may stay in our primary levels from 3 - 5 years.

Two training modalities (Minimum (Green/Silver/Gold)
Marcia Accelerated Program (Black ribbon).

Performance opportunities in Texas Youth Ballet fully-produced performances and Spring Potpourri Performance.

Students who have completed one year of the Gold level may audition to join the performance company as apprentices.

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