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The Conservatory

Admissions & Auditions

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Entering the School

Students wishing to enter the school are welcome to contact us through our contact email at any time during the year. Generally, we allow students into classes at semester entry points. Beginners who do not enter during the semester entry points will be required to take private lessons until their skills match those of their classmates. Experienced dancers will be placed in the skill level that fits their technical needs as assessed by the director.

After a private meeting with the director, you are invited to register on the portal.

Summer Intensive

If you are not part of the TYB program at the time, we require either a live or video audition. More information can be found on the summer intensive page.


Ballet Stars of Tomorrow Scholarship

Ballet of Stars Application Form

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The Parent Portal

All students at TYBC must have an active account in the TYBC online system. The portal allows you to sign students up for classes, pay for classes online, sign up for autopay, see files we share with our parents and students, receive emails concerning your class, find schedules, buy TYBC merchandise, buy tickets, make donations, and access teaching aids, dress codes and other information. Our emails are sent through this system, which is a robo-system that might not be recognized by some spam filters.

Our staff is available to help with registration difficulties upon request.

The first step is to set up your username and password. You will then be asked to fill out a Parent profile with your information.

You will then be able to add a student. Every student must have their birthday, parent contact, and Emergency phone numbers entered into the parent portal. Please complete every part of the registration process and fill out every item. Children cannot participate in classes, rehearsals or performances if you have not signed the liability and photographic waivers.

We require all accounts to be on Auto-pay. Please keep your card current. If the Auto-pay charge does not go through, you will be contacted to update your information. If it has not been updated within 7 days, a $10 fee will be added to your balance.

If you have not paid your registration fee, your child will not be on the class roster or enrolled in class. If the class fills up, your child may end up on a waiting list. If you wish to sign up for an extra class after you have completed your student’s registration, please contact Mrs. Dulin and she will add your child to the other class and post tuition for that class.


The portal Is the main source of emails to the student body and the google calendar with the rehearsal schedule. If, for some reason, you are not receiving communication from the school, please check your spam settings. We also sometimes text or call through the online system. This is a robo-call/text. If you have a robo-call blocker, you may miss important, time-sensitive communication.

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