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The Non-profit

Volunteer Information

TYB values the contributions of all of our volunteers. From the artistic contributions of our supportive in-house artists to the boots-on-the-ground efforts of our dancers, parents, and friends, every volunteer helps to define and create the success of TYB as a non-profit organization. We love to hear from people who believe in and support our mission, and would like to get involved. Please contact us if you feel you have special gifts to offer.

From small jobs to large projects, we have a myriad of opportunities for almost any skill set you may have.

Board Members

Do you think you would like to try your hand at being a board member? As a board member, you are directly responsible for the growth and funding of the organization. Your duties may vary, but if you have the attributes of a good board member listed below, we would love to know of your interest. Feel free to email or call us and explore this volunteer option.

Board Attributes:

… an ability to get along with people, work well with others, and listen well

… the desire to help all students involved with TYB reach their potential

… the capacity to see other points of view and acquiesce to the majority rule

… the ability to function ‘by the book’ without grousing (too much, anyway)

… understanding the long game while working on short term needs

… understanding the heirarchy and where your job begins and ends

… an understanding of the world of dance

You Will be Involved in:

Fundraising Efforts and Events

Budget and Finance decisions

Marketing strategies and Donor outreach

Supporting and facilitating the season of ballet performances, master classes and outreach

Programs that the Artistic Director has designated

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Other Volunteer and Professional (Paid) Needs:

If you have a special skill set in the following areas, we would love to see your resume and work samples.

Lighting/Stage Design

Sound Design



Backdrop Design

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