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The Conservatory

Third Steps Level Program

Rose 1, Rose. 2, Navy, Royal Levels

Learning accelerates through the Intermediate levels with seemingly no ceiling on how accomplished the student can become. The ratio of hard work to progress becomes clear at these levels, as do the values that we emphasize of loyalty, support, and camaraderie among the dancers. Personal development goes hand in hand with physical development as instructors and students work together to increase strength, proper technique and flexibility. This is usually a four-year program.

- Eligibility for pointe and pointe training.

- TYB company eligibility, YAGP participation, Master class participation, Jr. pas de deux.

- Pre-professional program to 15 Classes per week (OCPE exemption available from most middle or high schools).

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Fourth Steps Level Program

Light Blue, Lavender 1, Lavender 2

The culmination of work that goes into the upper levels of ballet training is the synthesis of many years of developing muscular responses with the artistry and purity of line that comes with good training. Steps become stories as dancing becomes an intricate form of communication. Dancers at this level may begin to matriculate out of the school into trainee programs or stay and enjoy their graduation year as a featured performer. The strength of character and physique the students have built will carry them through a lifetime.

- Pointe, Pas de Deux, Variations, YAGP, TYB company performances.

- Summer Intensives, master classes, choreographing opportunities.

- Pre-professional program to 22 classes per week.

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